Scripture Prayer Tweets

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#ScripturePrayer Lord help me to wait with PatientEndurance b4 U without fretting-Help me to wait expectantly in #HOPE;ps18:30;lam%203:25&version=AMP


#ScripturePrayer Let your gentleness be evident to all. TheLordJesus is near! –> #Praise He gives grace to the humble.


Barnabas=SonOfEncouragement #ScripturePrayer May we always exhort-warn-urge&encourage all to remain faithful to theLord,11:23&version=AMP

#ScripturePrayer Let us continue to meet-exhort-warn-urge&encourage one another-EvenMore as we see the Day approaching.


#ScripturePrayer May U greet today with a grateful heart-TheLord has proved He is on Ur side-Great is His faithfulness!


#ScripturePrayer May the Lord help U set Ur heart&soul to #SeekHim and experience His love as U patiently wait onHim ..;1Chr22:19&version=KJV


#ScripturePrayer MayU beRichlyRewarded byTheOne under whoseWings Uhave come to seekRefuge-REJOICE!;Ps91:1,4;Ps61:4;Ps63:7&version=NASB …


#ScripturePrayer Jesus is full of Grace&Truth-May U be assured that HisGrace is sufficient for anything U face today! .;jn1:14&version=AMP



#ScripturePrayer Revive us Lord-That we may rejoice in U as Savior Healer&Redeemer-Lighten our eyes to behold Ur face!

@sparrowkeeper Almighty FATHER, please reveal Yourself by words and #acts ~ #give #us a #revelation ~#prayer

@Khollandsblog on Twitter!

Lighten our eyes to behold Ur face = revelation & joy 🙂 I just looked at & prayed this!


#ScripturePrayer May all who need healing know-our LORD Jesus Christ-as the Lord who heals&IS a VERY present help!!


#ScripturePrayer O LORD-Be merciful to me-In the shadow of Your wings I will trust-For the hope of my soul is in You!


#ScripturePrayer LORD when my heart is faint-Lead me to my Rock[of refuge]-higher than I-Lead me in the way everlasting,139:24&version=NASB


#ScripturePrayer Search me-O God-Know& Purify my heart-Wash me whiter than snow-That my mouth may proclaim Ur #PRAISE !,%2051:2,7-8,10-15&version=NASB

May the words of my mouth& meditations of my heart be acceptable in Ur sight-O LORD-my Rock&Redeemer.

@Khollandsblog Lead me in the everlasting way!


#ScripturePrayer Let the upright be glad&rejoice{jump 4 joy} b4 the Lord-Let them exceedingly rejoice{display much joy} -Ps 68:3

#ScripturePrayer This is the day the Lord has made-Let us exceedingly rejoice{jump-spin in dance 4 joy}&be glad in it! -Ps118:24;68:3

@Khollandsblog Lord may we always be exceedingly glad with the joy of Ur presence! Be glad in fullnes of His joy TODAY! -Ps21:6,16:11,118:24


Thanksgiving=key to keep alert&persist in prayer! Rejoice-Pray&Give thx=God’s will for U in Christ -Col4:2;1Thes5:16-18
Watchful Thanksgiving

#ScripturePrayer Lord may we always be joyful in hope, patient in affliction&devoted to prayer full of thanksgiving. -Rom12:12;Col 4:2


@Psalms_Proverbs It’s good to sing praises to our God-It’s pleasant&praise[from the upright] is beautiful -Ps147:1,33:1

#ScripturePrayer Let the righteous BeGlad &take refuge{trust} in the LORD-Let all the upright glory{Shine with praise}! -Ps64:10


#ScripturePrayer May the favor of the LORD rest upon us-For by His favor we are victorious &walk with uplifted faces!


#ScripturePrayer #Jesus in the midst of the storm help us to call Ur name&listen for Ur voice-PeaceBeStill!


Beautiful song&prayer=BreatheOnMe #ScripturePrayer May the Spirit of the LivingGod stir Ur heart&heal Ur soul-BREATHE!


#ScripturePrayer May we always find hope&life in His word. Praying all comfort … #Praise The Lord is God of ALLcomfort!


The LORD can take our broken pieces&give unbrokenPEACE. ‪#TrustHim‬ ‪#ScripturePrayer‬ May His peace bless us ALLways&times


#PRAISE‬ be to the Lord-to God our Savior-Day after day-He not only bears our burdens-He carries us in His arms!-Ps68:19

Daily He bears our burdens&carries us in His arms #ScripturePrayer May we remember this&rest in our Savior arms TODAY

When God allows a burden to be put upon you, He will put His arms underneath you to help you carry it.
@caiioc_oficial His everlasting arms uphold&carry us daily!

There is freedom taste&see-Hear the call-Come to Me-run in to His arms of grace-your burden carried He will take

#ScripturePrayer May we each hear His call-Come to Me&run into His arms of grace&find REST-TODAY!


The Lord’s glory-The radiance of Christ’s face-My rear guard #ScripturePrayer May His face shine on us TODAY-Num6:24-26


#ScripturePrayer LORD be gracious to us- In the shadow of Ur wings-Keep us-Hide us-Let the wonder of Ur love enfold us!
#ScripturePrayer LORD-keep me as the apple of Ur eye-Show me wonders of Ur great love-Hide me in Ur shadow! -Ps17:6-8
When we can’t see the sunshine of Gods face, it is blessed to cower down beneath the shadow of His wings. -Spurgeon #Psalms 57:1

#ScripturePrayer TODAY may we each trust&take refuge in the shadow of His wings-LORD be gracious to us-for U are our refuge!
-Ps 57:1,91:1-2

#Praise U Sovereign LORD for hinds feet! #ScripturePrayer In the print of Ur feet O LORD-May our footsteps be! -Ps85:13

#Praise God-my mighty refuge-Arms me with strength&makes my way perfect-He clears my path&sets me secure on high-hinds feet-2Sam22:33-34

#ScripturePrayer Be strengthened in knowing Jesus Christ-TODAY-Know no matter the obstacle-He is the way!

#ScripturePrayer May the LORD strengthen us-TODAY-with feet like a hind-enabling us to be set secure upon the Rock-Hab3:19;2Sam22:34;Ps27:5

@PrayScripture #PrayScripture ABIDE in Me & Let My words ABIDE in U! -Jn 15:5,7 #Pray Scripture #ScripturePrayer = Fruit Full #Prayer!!!
#ScripturePrayer Lord Jesus-TODAY-Help us to believe&rely on U-Help us to keep on walking in the light of Ur face!
The Light of His Face
#ScripturePrayer Believe&rely on Jesus Christ-U will see His goodness&glory-May the light of His face shine on us TODAY! -Jn11:40,8:12,4:6

#JesusWords I AM the Light of the world-I AM the Resurrection& the Life-Whoever follows Me will have the Light of life. -Jn1:4,8:12,11-25-26

@Maebaleen Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God? #jesuswords -John 11:40

#ScripturePrayer May U be strengthened&made exceedingly glad in the light of Christ’s face–Joy of the LORD=Ur strength! -Neh8:10;Ps16:11,21:6
#Praise #ScripturePrayer Lord Jesus U strengthen our hearts as we put all #HOPE in U-Help us wait&remember that U R NEVER late! -Ps31:15,24
Those who diligently seek the Lord shall praise Him! May Ur hearts be quickened{revived,restored} now&forever!-Ps22:26AMP #ScripturePrayer
Today-May U seek our Lord Jesus Christ wholeheartedly! His hand is upon all for good,who seek Him-Ezra8:22;Jer29:13 #Praise #ScripturePrayer

@Khollandsblog Those who diligently seek the Lord shall praise Him! May Ur hearts be quickened now&forever!-Ps22:26AMP …

Let the peace of Christ rule in Ur heart-Now-May the Lord of peace Himself give U peace at all times. #ScripturePrayer
May your hope in the LORD give you His strength&courage wherever you go-Be strong-Hope&Take heart! #ScripturePrayer
May the Lord’s blessing&favor rest on you&may He give you His peace. #ScripturePrayer -Num 6:26
May the LORD bless&keep you-smile on&be gracious to you-turn his face towards you&give you peace #ScripturePrayer
@sparrowkeeper All Your works shall praise U, O LORD, & Your saints shall bless U. We the work of Your hand give U praise! -Ps145:10;Is64:8

The LORD faithfully gives strength to the work of our hands. May the favor of the Lord be upon us to fulfill His purposes. -Ps 138:8,90:17 #ScripturePrayer

@ElRoiShalom “…for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10 #jesustweeters

@ElRoiShalom May we know the blessing of His peace & strength; Held in His mighty right hand. -Ps 29:11; Isa 41:10 #ScripturePrayer

May the Lord in His mercy mark us with His grace & blessing; the light of His face, His smile! -Ps 67:1 MSG #Prayer #ScripturePrayer
May the LORD shine the light of His face{smile} on U in grace & give U His peace. Be refreshed!
@Khollandsblog The light of His face{smile} brings life & refreshing. May the LORD smile on U; Be gracious to U & give U His peace. -Prov 16:15;Num 6:25

@Khollandsblog May we walk joyfully in triumph by the light of His face! Ps 89:15

Guide & teach me in Ur truth, for U are God my Savior; My soul sings out, my hope is in U, LORD, all day long! Ps 25:5
Today, be held in perfect peace. May His mercy, peace & love be multiplied to you. -Jude 1:1-2
@sparrowkeeper Pressed lily in the valley; A perfect rose, sweet incense that forever speaks: I am His and He is mine. -2Co 4:7-9;Is 43:1

@Khollandsblog @sparrowkeeper Ever praising, may my prayer be incense before U; The lifting of my hands as the evening sacrifice. -Ps 141:2

Today, may you follow the Lamb to living fountains of waters where every tear is wiped away. -Rev 7:17 #BibleStudy
He leads me beside the still waters; He restores my soul ‪#Psalm‬ 23 ‪#Good‬ Shepherd *Jehovah Rohi*

@sparrowkeeper May our Lord Jesus Christ breathe new life into your soul. Be restored TODAY! -Ps 23:3 ‪#ScripturePrayers‬

Today, may U come to the Good Shepherd; Be carried close to His heart in complete peace. -Isa 40:11 ‪#ScripturePrayers‬

@Khollandsblog Praise the Lord; Praise God our savior! For each day He carries us in His arms. -Ps 68:19 NLT

I pray GOD comes to u quickly in your time of need… that HE hears your prayers and responds to your call. ~ Psalms 102:2
Praise U Lord Jesus! Great is Ur love & faithfulness reaching to the heavens! Encompass us in it! #ScripturePrayers‬

@BIBLE_Love Thank U Jesus as we trust in U, we will be encompassed by Ur unfailing love. -Ps 32:10

Lord, may we experience your love as we wait for you – Psalm 33:22 #Bible (please retweet)
Be filled- abound in #Hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Ro 15:13 #ScripturePrayers #Easter
Lord, hem me in -Ps 139:5 Lay your hand upon me, guide me. #ScripturePrayers
May you overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony. Declare what the LAMB of God has done! 🙂 -Rev 12:11

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